Touch me, but not there!

I think we are running the wrong way.

Tonight’s game Vs “Pass it”

Geez it was colder than a witches titty in a brass bra tonight.  Good turn out 6 blokes and 4 girls with a determination to get and stay warm!  War faces on first half we were down 5-3, storming out of the gates into second half ended with a draw of 8-8.  Team is really getting a role on with the new additions now impossible to tell against the veteran (nice way of saying old) players.

Well done to Can’t Touch This – 1 point on the board.

We are currently 2nd from bottom of ladder prior to this game.

Next game will be 9pm Wed 13-June-12 on Field one against Tigers D (4th on ladder)

Few action snappies!

Strut back to half after try… ohhh yeahhh…

This ended up as a try- break away flash in front of umpire

Move that ball!


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