Another day, another arse print on the couch.

Let’s start off with a funny photo to set the mood and gather your attention:


Winning lotto on Planet of the Apes

The day started off like any other cripple boys day: cold morning, lack of motivation to get my tootzies out from under the doona.

Working from home was a definite challenge when your remote access service to work is down for maintenance. So reading some papers that kept me interested right up until some workmen came into backyard to find a water leak…enthralling stuff!

Still no luck with access to work by lunch, Rach took my cripple arse out for lunch at Lava- my usual eggs benedict, midweek for lunch ohhh so wrong yet so right.

The hits kept coming, my HP laptop decided to pack it in after only year and a half since i bought it.  So over a grand later a new custom built laptop is on its way! Pray for it to last for more than the HP did.  My recommendation – don’t buy HP if you want it to last and be a positive return on investment.

Off to touch footy tonight…to watch of course, praying for a win!

The nerd in me spent most of the time with videos from E3 playing playing in my peripheral vision.  I’m not as big a console person as someone with a PS3 should be but i got my nipples excited by the following:

Assassins Creed 3 Trailer
OK now this is one sexy trailer, who wouldn’t want to run through the lines of the British red coats and be the saviour of the revolution!

The Last Of Us Gameplay Trailer
Never heard of this game until I watched this trailer…WOW i just found a new game to put on my shopping list.

The less interesting PS3 motion and Wii-U are definitely nothing to get your fanny quivering over, seems like the rest of E3 shares this opinion.

If you have read this far…bravo and you might want to get a life because you clearly have too much time on your hands.



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