Little Toys Doesn’t Mean Little Enjoyment.

Any of you who may know me would understand my fascination, nay obsession, with having little tech gadgets/toys.  So i was recently stumbling around the internet and came across  toy two little gadgets that made the geek in me get butterfly’s.  Now firstly i want to point out, I don’t ‘NEED’ either of these, but most defiantly ‘WANT’ them!

First up we have the I’M Watch

It is an Android powered smart watch.  I saw the Sony smart watch awhile ago but found it was not very stylish and my main concern was that it just didn’t look right on your wrist…this on the other hand, what a sexy bit of technology. What does it do?  Well it simply connect to your android phone (i will soon be converting from iPhone to android) via Bluetooth and provides the ability to see incoming calls, messages, emails, weather, music and more.  This would be great for when i run home with my phone in my backpack and the ability to change songs and see my running stats just by looking at my wrist.  Price is, well expensive, but this is new technology so the $300 is understandable for such a new product idea in the market.  Battery life is are a bit disappointing, with reports saying full on usage generally getting 3-5 hours use… I could see the need to charge this little device often becoming an annoyance.

All in all I won’t be rushing out to buy this model but i will be keeping an eye on this technology and with improvements in battery and sleeker looks this is defiantly something I’ll be sporting on my wrist in the next few years!

More info at:

The next one is what I’m getting really excited about, its the Little Printer from BERG Cloud:

What a snazzy little gadget, sit this puppy on your bedside table or work desk and program in what you want printed for the day… soduko puzzle, weather, news, shopping list, to do list etc etc etc.  Remember the day when you got your first email, how exciting – now the excitement comes from when you get a letter in the mail or how bout an SMS or Email printed out so you can read it on train.  Yes, it’s not necessary, Yes, it probably wastes paper but come on…its a little printer! This thing is just a great little gadget that you just want!  Want to know more??  Well here’s a little video from the crew at BERG:

Still not out yet, not sure of price but if it is in my ballpark price wise i’ll be laying down some cash for one of these!


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