Close, but not close enough.

An early 6:30pm game tonight on field three against “Kanga Ewes” currently one below us at 11th on ladder.  Two new players joining us tonight, was a welcome sight with more subs.

My feet were itching to run on at the begging of the first half as we were one boy down for the first 5-10 minutes…obviously i would have only fallen oven and been only been able to run as fast as a snail with very heavy luggage.

With the nice low temperature of 4 degrees out there meant it took awhile for both teams to warm up.  Some good plays made by both teams the result at half time was up by 1 try.

After a lot of back and forth in the second half and even a great intercept try by Av and an even better try right on the wing by Simone, the team was unfortunate to walk away with a 7-6 loss.  Good match to watch and the best part of it all…steaks and beer after at the George.

Still trying some stuff with the night sports photography with the current lense…mixed results – will be aiming for that new lense with F2.8 to get the lighting with the shutter speed!



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