Big Benny with a side of Westminsty


We both awoke at 5am feeling the most awake we have ever felt.  We of course decided to take advantage of our out of sync body clocks and headed out for some early morning Oxford st shopping.  I managed to find a Kathmandu store and get the exact jacket i had lost but in black for £120….i should have waited as i got an email later that night from heathrow saying they had found my jacket…oh well two warm jackets now. 


After our shop and coffees we headed off to Tower of London to get our history fix in.  We had been for past few weeks been watching documentaries on castles so we were pretty excited for the tower.  We spent a good 2 hours up and down each tower, reading all the signs and Rach comparing her diamon engagement ring to the largest diamond in the crown jewels.  Biggest highlight was finding out how fat king Henry VIII was…his armour had a lot of arse in it…and a huge cod piece…fighting must have made him horny.



Next we headed off to meet up with Jevan.  He sounds like he’s from London!  Yes a very subtle pomy accent.  We walked along the Thames to Big Ben.  Its pretty big.


We walked to west minster abbey and headed straight for a pub for a pint and some good ol english tucka.  The pub just happened to be the first building to be rebuilt after the great fire of London in the 1600’s.


With our legs nearly falling off we said goodbye to Jevan and headed off to stroll accross the tower bridge andfound our way back for the 10pm locking ceremony at the tower.  The ceremony was very interesting and amazing to know that it has been happening every night for 700 yrs. We made it back to our soft beds about 11pm….biggg first day.




Categories: Travel Journal


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