I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.

We awoke with our legs aching from the previous long day on our feet, but more refreshed than after our first full day post flight. Today was set to be another cloudy misty day but not very cold at all.  We set off for a walk through Hyde park with Rach chasing after squirrels and me chasing ducks.  I had this eery feeling that i had done been here before i did the same thing…mom, dad confirm my suspicions?  Although the kids playground looked tempting i had to make a pass on it as we were off to Harrods!


My first impressions of walking through the doors was, “My pockets are not deep enough for this place!” Also i was way to afraid to reach into my pockets as i felt like i was a pauper in a princes palace and i may be suspected as shoplifter.  Well after we passed through all the expensive bags and perfumes we got to the chocolate room where i was sure i could afford some special holiday treats… my eyes were darting from treat to treat, Rach was eating every cake with her eyes, even the fruit was perfect…they even had cakes that looked like fruit! Of course this was Harrods and with all this tastey treats came price tags that would be more fitting in a jewellery shop.  In the end Rach caved in and got some baclava and chocolates…we of coursed used a £50 note to pay to try fit in…and to finally break the note!


Next stop we wondered down the road and found ourselves at Buckingham Palace just in time to see a large amount of police turn up and escort two horse drawn carriages carrying some strange people out of the palace.  We found a seat nearby ate our Harrods precious treats and pretended we were royalty.


Up next was a tube ride to Trafalgar square to see how big of a column Nelson really had…. adequate i thought.

We ducked by Oxford Circus, where we had a shockingly oily and terrible lunch experience…but seriously busy and fun place to be.


We made it back to the apartment by early afternoon, Rach went for a run in Hyde park…really she just chased squirrels for 4km…but a run none the less.  I also decided to go for some exercise but with my recent ankle injury i thought it best to walk…right to the bottle shop.  To my glorious surprise i found in England they only sell 500ml cans of beer and they cost a cheap £1 each…”oh sweet jesus i’ve reached heaven!”  Rach returned from her run to find my face in a big can and my hands in a pringle tin, also all the remaining harrods chocies seemed to have been nibbled on by a mouse.



The highlight of this day was going to Jevan and Ollys house for supper.  We got off at Stockwell, my first impression was we had no chance surviving the 7 minute walk to Tesco’s with what resembled a ghetto on one side of the road.  Arriving safely, Jevan cooked us a scrumptious Paella and we also got to meet Olly! What a lovely couple they make! We had some drinks a good giggle, a bit of youtube videos…”nickoooo he’s a sicko..” Finally arrived home just before 12 and off to sleep we went.

After our second full day in London we have come to the realisation that this place moves at 100miles an hour 24/7! You have to be pushy to get anywhere; be prepared to be squeezed inside a train and your personal space violated as everyone pushes past you as if you aren’t there.  We like it tho..its like Melbourne just with 6 million more people and all on steriods and energy drinks…


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  1. Yes memory is correct we chased you through Hyde park and when you were tired and had enough sat down and wouldn’t budge. Seem to be a trait all over the world. Watch out Rach.


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