Old thing, new thing and strange things.


A bit of a sleep in to hopefully avoid the heavy peak hour on the tube.  We had only one thing planned for the day and that was to go experience the Camden Markets.  A quick few tube trains later and we emerged into this grungy old market village, most of which can be compared to a mix up of Melbourne’s vic markets mixed with a carnival sideshow alley.  Rach was in heaven with plenty of Jewellery, clothes and nick nacks to try on and buy.

  We spent a good 2 hours walking around the huge labyrinth of stalls.  We found a cute little cuban restaurant to have a bit of tapas for lunch; we decided against risking the food being thrown at you by the dodgey looking food carts. A pint and few plates of tapas later, we got back up on our feet and decided to head back to the tube.

Next stop we had decided on was the London Museum.  We made our way down from the station and found ourselves standing in front of a huge columned building, i was giddy with excitement on all the interesting things it contained.  We started off on the ground floor exploring all the amazing pieces from ancient rome, greece, Egypt and Persia.  All our time watching documentaries on ancient Greece made us so excited at each piece.  We found the Rosetta stone and had a good squiz.

We stared at the roman statues of the emperors and noted most of their noses were no longer attached.


We snickered at the great Greek and roman statues with no willies.


And i tried to impersonate an Emporer.


We finished up most of the museum in about 3hrs and then decided to walk the 2miles home down oxford street. On our way from the museum we discovered some antique shops, one in particular took my fancy…a coin shop.  So poor Rach had to endure the 30 minutes it took me find something i liked, of course i liked almost everything.  In the end i bought a silver Roman Denarius from around 193-211A.D. from the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus.  I now own something that was made over 1,800 yrs ago….my precious!

We had a nice walk home via Primark where i scored a cheap hat to keep my ears warm in Germany and Iceland…Rach said i look funny in it.

  Well another day over, finished off in front of TV at hotel and a few long necks of bulmers…Berlin tomorrow!


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