Ich Liebe Berlin


Leaving London was a sad thing (especially since we seemed to have just mastered the tube) but we were super excited to be off to a non english country.  We got to heathrow airport to find a crazy busy day of flying as it seemed there had been delays all day.  Our flight was 2 hours delayed which meant we would arrive in Berlin at 7pm…slightly annoyed as we ended up wasting a whole day to only fly a 1 hour leg.

We landed in Berlin, first off the plane we noticed that everything was in German…I’m not sure what else i could have expected, but it was very unusual to be a new place and to not be able to even read the signs.  Of course Rach did say, “Hey look they have Aldi in Germany!” This was really this first time on this trip that i felt like i was in a completely new place.  We left airport looking for a taxi as Tegel airport did not have a train.  Here’s something i didn’t know, almost all the taxis in Berlin are Mercedes!


Arriving at our hotel in East Berlin we translated our way to find a place to eat for dinner.  We found this cute, very german, place to eat and had soups and of course half a litre of beer….best part about it, beer was €2 for 0.5litre.


Our first full day in Berlin started off with a frosty -3°c foggy day.  We walked from our hotel through old east Berlin, the part we were in was a very artsy young neighbourhood.  The buildings were amazing in architecture, history and colour; the golden autumn leaves were everywhere which added to the beauty of the place.  


As a comparison to London the streets were eerily quiet.  First on our list of things to do was to head into the city and find some shoes for Rach.  With that task achieved we found the big Berlin tv tower.  We winded our way past the Berlin Cathedral, past the many museums, encounted our first gypsies begging for money (very sneeky) and found a cute market running along the canal.

We came to Brandenburg gate and got a few quick snappies with some locals.


Next stop was checkpoint charlie.  A very touristy and busy place but interesting, although going to checkpoint charlie does not give you the best experience of cold war Berlin -what we discovered the next day was far better.  With all that done we headed off to a german pub/restaurant for a big beer,or two and some food.  That night we headed out around our area which was full of history and trendy places.  We found an old brewery that resembled willy wonkers factory.  We took a photo in one of Berlins photo booths and then off for more beer.  Found a big beer garden, had a few half steins, finished up with an irish coffee. 


Next day, our last full day in Berlin we awoke and unfortunately Rach had managed to pickup a German cold.  I drugged Rach up and off we went exploring more of east Berlin without any real intended destination.  We found a big Sunday market and at the end of the market we found a trail of the old Berlin wall and folowed it.  We came to a place that had large area dedicated to history of the wall and even a section of wall still intact with guard tower.  This was by far the best cold war era we had found so far.  Next we walked back to Brandenburg gate and found some lunch…i had my first german boiled sausage and what i can only describe as the best potato salad ever! ( sorry mom).


By the time we wonderd along the canals and through the old buidings back to our hotel it was early evening and we were both exhausted.  With most of Berlin closed on a Sunday we decided to dine in at the hotel and have a early night so Rach’s cold didnt get worse.


Next morning and here i am on a high speed train from Berlin to Munich…in first class munching on german chocolate. I will miss Berlin but looking forward to the new sights of Munich despite weather being -6°c and snowing last few days.  Wish us luck, my next update will be on Munich.


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