From the land of Bier and Meat


Munich, where the beer runs like water and meat is the whole food pyramid.  We arrived safe and sound via the high speed train, it was a very picturesque trip through mountains and fields covered in snow.  Stepping off the train we immediately freeze, snow is everywhere and it is about -3°c.  Quick cab ride to our hotel to checkin and drop our bags off, then off into the city.  First stop, Hofbrauhaus!

A pretty packed hall of people with steins, we found our bench and i got my lips against a large german beer….mmmmmmm. Rach kept saying she wished she liked beer as she felt very out of place with her lil glass of wine.  Obviously we had to eat something as well so i went the pork knuckle.  We met two south african women who sat accross from us and they just watched in horror as i devoured my hug pork knuckle.  Washing it all down nicely with my bucket of beer.



Day 2 of Munich the snow was starting to melt so we went exploring around Munich on foot.  We saw the Glockenspiel chime in at 11am and watched the clocks figurines do their dance. We wandered the city center and saw all Munich City sites.  We went for a nice stroll through the English Gardens teying to dodge all the falling snow from the trees, followed by a bit of shopping, some more beer and some German Potato soup.  We walked our way back to the hotel in the evening with full bellies and very sore feet.



Day 3 in Munich and we headed back off to the city to find me some new shoes as i found canvas shoes are not the best with melting snow.  I found some very nice red shoes and slipped them on and headed off for the Munich markets.  We sat down and had a schnizel burger each with of course, a large beer (its actually cheaper than a bottle of water here). We finished off our last day in Munich with a few beers and some cocktails at the hotel bar and then retreated to our beds for the trip the next day to see Becky & Cooky in Biberach for 2 days. 


Highlight of Munich would have to be the many beer gardens and houses with cheap beer and food.  You can get a beer almost anywhere here and for only €2-3 for a large 0.5 litres can.


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