Do you speak swabian?


Bidding auf wiedersehen to the bier houses of Munich we took the train to Ulm in the south west of Germany. We got there no problem through some more pretty German country side, only slightly bit late due to a crash on the line somewhere. Unfortunately we missed our connecting train to Bad-Bachau due to being late; we jumped on the next train for a 20 minute trip to our final destination. Obviously the itinerary gods were on our side this day as an hour later we were still sitting on train at platform in Ulm with announcements in German, so we had no idea what was going on (we later found out it DeutchBahn was having a strike and that they have a worse reputation than Melbourne trains). Well we messaged Becky and i think she sensed Rach’s frustration and was kind enough to come pick us up from Ulm train station. A quick sit down at Burger King and 20 minutes later we saw Becky and Cookie for first time in over a year.

With the cuddles over and Rach and Becky with huge smiles on their faces we headed off to see the local cathedral…well what a building! We were blown away with its size, supposedly Ulm was heavily bombed in WWII but the catherdral was amazingly spared. With a walk inside this huge gothic cathedral we decided on some good afternoon exercise and take the many, many stares winding up and up and up to a perfect view of Ulm.



After our decent and my comments on a much deserved beer i was shocked to find it was a public holiday and nothing was really open where i could get booze…never fear Dan comes prepared with a long neck from hofbrauhouse. Cookie drove us all back to Bad-Bachau through Biberach, i must say this was some of the prettiest country side ive seen yet, with the Alps in the background of rolling fields.

Arriving we met Cookies grandparents and with some skillful translation by Becky we were able to introduce ourselves and have a nice chat. Rach was bursting at seemes to see the famed shaking forest, so off we went. Basically its a forest that has a lot of water in the soil and when you jump the ground wobbles lime a trampoline and the trees nearby shake.

Becky had dinner all planned for that night, we were going to have a deer roast…a first for both Rach and Me. Well what a yummy job the girls did, tasted just like a yummy lamb roast!


Next day we headed off to a the huge swamp/lake thing, sorry forgot the name, we walked the boardwalk out into the lake and took a few snappies thanks to a friendly German English teacher. This place had an uncovered stone age village on its shores, i found it very interesting and loved how all the neighbouring towns all seemed to have a church in the middle…very unlike Australia, which has a pub at the center.


A good German lunch and we headed off to the local chocolate factory and filled our baskets whilst emptying our wallets. I decided to cook dinner for everyone that night, it turned out ok, everyone seemed satisfied, and at the last minute Cookies parents turned up and thought it very surprising to see a man know his way around a kitchen. A successful dinner and we stuffed our faces with chocolate and washed it down with beer and wine…this is the life.


Unfortunately our short time with Becky and Cookie had to come to an end, so the next day we said our farewells and were very sad to leave…really wished we had set aside some more time in Bad-Bachau as it was so good to be around such good friends and in such a relaxing location.

Best part of this phase of our trip would have to be seeing Becky and Cookie, such good company and very thankful to them for having us….not to mention being able to finally have a conversation with people who understand us.

Well off to Paris, the city of luuurve we go!


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