Until we meet again Iceland


So we have come to the end of our great Iceland adventure, we spent Jevan and Oli’s last night at a big feasy at Sushi Samba restaurant where Rachel tried minky whale.  The next morning Jevan and Oli flew off back to London and Rachel and I headed off for our last day relaxing at the blue lagoon.


The Blue Lagoon is located 40 minutes out of Reykjavik, next to a geothermal power station.  The first thing you see as you approach is the steam coming off the ponds and lagoons.  The temperature outside being -5°c and the water temperature at 40°c, you can understand the reason behind the steam.  The lagoon is heated via geothermal powers, pumped through the power station and then into the natural volcanic rock pools. The white stuff around the outside of the pools is silica, very good for the skin we are told.



We put on our bathers stepped outside and found out what it feels like to be in togs in -5°c….flippin cold! We quickly slipped into the lagoon and mmmmm how relaxing, steam everywhere and plastered our face with white silica. We spent a few hours floating around until we were good and pruney, a quick look in at what I’ll look lime at 80.



The next day we said our sad goodbyes to Iceland, did our last bit of shopping and off to the airport.  Of course this wont be the last time in this great country, we will be back for more exploring, this time in the north.


Next stop London for three nights before our big holiday comes to a sad end.



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