Instagram magnets!!!!

StickyGram- Instagram

All that hard work you have put into years of taking photos, choosing a filter an posting them online through instagram will now pay off!  Why leave your best instagram photos lost in the archives on your phone?! Well Stickygram has come up with an innovative, CHEAP idea for all those great instagram photos.  Now for a respectable $14.99 with free shipping you can get a sheet of 9 magnets to stick your memorable instagram picies onto your fridge.  The website is simple to use, you can even order easily from your phone with paypal.  I just ordered my first sheet of 9 and can’t wait for them to arrive.

If your interested into looking into this great idea an want $2 off your first order, visit and use my promo code FRIENDLN3T .

Their so cheap you can even just stick them around the city and show off your instagram skills.. but unfortunately no “like” facilities available in the real world!

7-12 Days for delivery to Australia.. can’t wait!



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