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Society6 is a US based company; very similar to Redbubble and Cafépress websites but with a few small differences.  Society6 creates customised products using original user submitted artwork ranging from phone covers and art prints to phone covers and throw pillows.

Sellers can simply setup a place to sell their designs by uploading their work, setting a price and then sit back and wait.

Unlike Redbubble, Society6 has only a small social media aspect to it through ability to follow artists, comment and to “promote” (similar to Facebook “like”) pieces.

The varieties of products available are as follows:

  • Art Prints
  • Framed Art Prints
  • Stretched Canvases
  • Stationary Cards
  • iPhone & iPad Cases
  • iPad Cases
  • iPhone & iPod Skins
  • Laptop & iPad Skins
  • T-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Hoodies
  • Tote Bags
  • Books
  • Gift cards

Although not as extensive as CafePress or Redbubble, there is still enough variety for artists to present their work and buyers to choose a good medium to purchase from.

The prices listed on the site vary depending on the artists mark-up but usually the prices are reasonable.  On frequent occasions Society6 offer free shipping, which includes to Australia, this turns a reasonable deal into a GREAT deal.

As a buyer there are an extensive amount of works from multiple artists on this site to fit almost everyone’s taste.

I have yet to purchase the full range of products available but from the numerous prints I have ordered, in varying sizes, I have found the quality to be of a very high standard.

As for Delivery I can obviously only comment on deliveries to Australia.  From what I have found from time of order to time to receive the item it is generally a 3-4 week period.  This is not too excessive for an international delivery of a largish item and taking into consideration the 3 day time frame for printing.  All packages have been well received with no damage, warping, folding etc. as items are packed in a very professional way.

As a seller I have sold a few works from this site, I have fewer than 20 works currently listed, which equates to about $20-30 in my pocket.  I do buy more than I sell though.

I have been told that the higher the volume and quality of your works the more chance you have of being seen and getting more sales.  All advice I have gotten is that sales will not be enough to quit your day job but will put a few bucks in your bank account.  Of course I’m sure if you are a popular artist and your work appeals the public, the more sites like Society6, Redbubble and Cafépress your work is on the higher chance of sales.

All in all I’m happy with Society6 from a buyers and sellers point of view.  The high quality and varying designs available make it a one stop shop for anyone wanting artwork.

1. Would i buy from
Answer: Yes

2. Would i sell on
Answer: Yes

The following is a list of stores I’d recommend you visit:

Jazzberry Blue
Produces some very unique colourful pieces, my personal favour being the maps of Paris, London and New york.
Visit store at:

Amy Hamilton
Has some great painting prints of animals and people listed, my personal favourites being Moose and Smart Owl.
Visit store at:

Now here are some very suggestive comic book hero prints – some humorous some a bit raunchy.  I do like these but not sure if my wife would appreciate them on my wall at home.
Visit store at:

Who likes cats? Almost everyone on the internet it seems!  This store is full of them with my personal favourite the grumpy cat as grumpy bowie.  Olechka has a variety of prints on offer other than cats.
Visit store at:

Heather Landis
Some great shots on this store!  The underwater Abyss shots are amazing!
Visit store at:

Of course I have to give my store a plug, not a vast amount of pieces available but what I have put up I’m happy with.  If I was to choose my favourite out of what is on offer it would have to be the Black Pebble Beach shot and Goodbye.
Visit store at:


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