The Home-Brew Experiment

Last week I turned 30 and as a celebration to my milestone of officially being old my lovely young wife bought me a Coopers Home-Brew beer making kit.  Now for anyone that knows me you will most certainly not expect me to use the included PET plastic bottles to make my first batch of lager.  No, Dan does not simply make something like beer only to put it in ugly plastic brown bottles!  I have already began to buy up supplies such as a beer bottle capper, a heating strap (now that we are going into winter months, beer caps and the provision of empty bottles from friends and family – as well as what I can drink alone.

I have begun to setup my little work station in the garage, aka man/cat shed, ready for the first brew to begin once all equipment arrives.  Now back to my initial point, “Dan don’t brew no boring beer!”, I have found a nice little website only called that make up labels for both neck and front of beer, they also do multitude of other home brew printing.  My first order for my first batch of Lager is already is being printed as I write this and shipped out from the US just in time for bottling to begin (supply chain / project manager in me is excited).  Now enough rambling on from me!  I present you all with the first batch of beer made out of the whatsdanupto factory and dedicated in the name of my cat, probably because it will task close to cats piss, Matilda Gai – see what I did there not Matilda Bay… alright enough .. on with the unveiling:


Matilda Gai Lager

Stay tuned for more updates of the brewing and final photos as well as first tasting… and possibly first lawsuit…

Now I wouldn’t be a good project manager if I wasn’t already thinking beyond the Lay About Lager – next up will be a Pilsner suitably named Cat’s Piss Pislner (how yummy does that sound!)



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