DIY Pallet Serving Tray

A few months ago I  had an old pallet lying around so i built a vertical herb garden for the wall outside the kitchen window.  That little project didn’t use all the pallet so I still had bits of the pallet leftover and wondering what to do with it.

Finished DIY Rustic Pallet Tray

Finished DIY Rustic Pallet Tray

My wife then started hunting around for a nice rustic serving tray for the coffee table.  She had a bit of trouble finding one she liked and also found they can be upwards of $70 for a big one.

Light bulb moment and i took her desired measurements and went about hacking away at the old weathered pallet to dismantle and recover as much plants from it as possible.  I managed to salvage enough wood and with some old timber screws I had I cut the boards down to size and screwed them together to resemble a tray.  I pre drilled holes so as not to split the wood and then screwed it all togher before giving it a good sand to make it relatively smooth.

I had an old sample pot of white on white paint that i used to give a light coat before sanding it back and giving it a second coat.  Once the second coat dried i gave it one more light sand to give it that rustic look.  I sourced some black antique looking handles from Bunnings for $4 each.  I stuck them on the end and put some rubber feed on bottom so as not to scratch the coffee table.  All done and a happy wife.

DIY Rustic Tray from a Pallet in progress

DIY Rustic Tray from a Pallet in progress

DIY Rustic Tray

DIY Rustic Tray


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  1. Good job. Mum is impressed and would like u to make her one (birthday in Nov). Apparently my reputation in woodwork disqualifies me as tray needs to be level.


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