Homebrew Weekend

This weekend was the much anticipated bottling weekend.  In preparation for the bottling I went about setting my my new brewing fridge I purchased super cheap off gumtree ($60) and setting up my little beer brewing area.

I noticed that whilst doing all the brewing I was constantly writing things down with no place to write them.

Light bulb idea, I’ll make a chalkboard and stick it on wall above my bench.  So off to Bunnings to pick up a $6 piece of plywood, $12 tin of chalkboard paint and $1 paint brush.  I painted the board in the chalkboard paint and waited for it to dry then gave it another coat.  To mount on the wall i had some left over masonry screws and simply put some rubber stoppers on to ensure the board sat slightly away from the wall.  I also wanted a place to stick the chalk and duster, so with some leftover wood i chised out a recess and then screwed the shelf in from behind.  Bit more screwing and drilling and I had a nice mounted chalkboard for under $20.

DIY Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard for my man cave.

The finished product.

Next up was the bottling of my Lager.  The OG was 1.040 but unfortunately the FG was only 1.014 which gives me only a 3.5% alcohol content.  Although I may bet an extra 0.5 with the priming of bottles.

Although I only got a mid-strength beer I’m happy with the flavour so far.  The Lager is the coopers lager with a German lager malt extract to hopefully give a more Munich flavoured lager.

The labels went on well and I luckily had just the right amount of bottles, I had one to spare!

Matilda Gai homebrew lager

Matilda Gai homebrew lager

Now just have to let them set for a bit before I crack open the first one.  In the mean time, next up is a Dark Ale!

Matilda Gai homebrew lager

Matilda Gai homebrew lager


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