Homebrew Bavarian Bock

Brew Board Updated

Brew Board Updated

Off to another homebrew.  Equipped with my brew fridge to have better control of my fermentation temperature.  I went down to Grain and Grape in Yarraville and asked what i could brew that would give me a dark beer in between a dunkel or a white rabbit dark ale.  I was pointed at a Bavarian Bock.

Pitched the yeast at 22 degrees (Celsius) and slowly brought temperature down over the next day to a stable 16-17 degrees.

Bavarian Bock

Bavarian Bock

Have gotten a bit of a green tinge to the brew after first few days.  Smells okay to me so no infection just must be the yeast and ingredients doing its stuff.

OG was 1060.

Just designed and ordered new labels to be ready in time for bottling on 06th June.

Grump - Dark Beer

Grump – Dark Beer

I’m off to Darwin for a week so will give an update after bottling.  Lager will be ready for tasting on same day (06 June).



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