London Pub Crawl.

London Pub Sign

London Pub Sign

Our first few days in London have included an average of 20km walks per day but nicely offset by 2-3 pub visits a day. Our second day we went to the imperial war museum where i got my fix of war history.  Rachel took a lovely photo with her big guns on display.  Next we went off to the Borough Markets for a big of a food fest followed by a sneaky pint.  We walked along the Thames to see some old wharfs and buildings, followed by another pint.

Rach shower off her big guns

Rach shower off her big guns

mmmm Pimm’s

We migrated our way through Soho and department stores etc.  and as you guessed it, followed by a quick pint.  We had dinner at a pub in Soho and with our feet burning and backs sore we retired to our accommodation.

Today was spent going to Westminster Abbey in the morning followed by a walk past big ben and houses of parliament.  With most of the touristy things out of the way we decided to stop of at one last market @ Camden Markets and spend rest of the day lounging around watching the London life go past and having a pint or 3.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tomorrow we check out of our hotel and pick up our hire car to start our mini road trip, first stop Weymouth, then onto stay with Liz in Bournemouth.

The weather has been quite lovely, with most days around the low 20’s.  The sun is quite hot but when it ducks behind a cloud the temperature and cold wind really hit you.  Although, the weather is better than what we left in Melbourne so we aren’t complaining.

Enjoy the snaps

So glad it wasn't a clown.

So glad it wasn’t a clown.

Big Ben Houses of Parliament

Big Ben Houses of Parliament

Dan - Imperial War Museum

Dan – Imperial War Museum

mmmm Pimm's

mmmm Pimm’s


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