Britain Road Trip!

Weymouth Beach Panoramic

Weymouth Beach Panoramic

Firstly, this is going to be a long one so grab a drink and find a comfy chair.

We headed out from London with our hire care towards seaside village of Weymouth.  We soon realised that we had made a major oversight when booking times for our road trip.  First bit of traffic was 15 minutes outside of London then continued for the next 3-4 hours all the way to Weymouth 130 miles from London.  We had booked our trip to start our trip on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend!  Wow there are a lot of people in Britain.

We arrived at Weymouth and were pleasantly surprised by how pretty it is.  We checked into our little BnB where we met a lovely little couple who welcomed us and we headed off into town.  After  walk beside the “beach” I noticed the tower of an old brewery and headed that way.  We stopped off for a few beers and looked around the old streets before having dinner at an old converted wharf pub.

The next day we headed off to Bournemouth via a little town called Lulworth where we hiked up to overlook Durdle Door.  Lulworth dates back to before the Romans and on the hill view from our hike we could see the outline of an old fort located on the opposite hillside.  It is also known for its fossils from Jurassic Period.  Very pretty views but began to fill up with tourists just after our hike so we didn’t hang around long.

durdle door

durdle door

We arrived at Liz’s house in Bournemouth.  Those of you may remember her as the drunken pom from our wedding dirty dancing with Olly.  lol  She was nice enough to offer us a bed for two nights and be our tour guide around Bournemouth.  Liz hooked us up with one of her students who was working at a local tapas bar and we enjoyed half price drinks all night…there was a lot of drinks that night.  Next day Liz took us our to the New Forest which is known for its wild horses and donkeys.  Not joking, within 1 minute of entering the area we were stopped on the road due to a heavily pregnant horse and it’s partner blocking traffic and not moving.  There are a few very nice pubs inside the forest, we visited two whilst given the opportunity.  Rachel attempted to pat a wild horse; both Liz and I thought it was a bad idea, Rach was very hesitant but found a nicer horse after a few attempts.

After our short trip in Bournemouth we headed out once again to our next destination.  We bid farewell to Liz but felt very sad that we may not see her now for another few years.  The next destination was Bath.  On our drive to Bath we decided on a drive-by of stone henge.  Bad idea, very very very bad idea.  We didn’t hit any traffic until 5 km out from Stone Henge and spent the next hour driving 5 km.  What a lot of people decide to do is instead of just doing a quick drive by, they stop on the road outside Stone Henge and take photo’s…. Rachel and I had a few short words for these people mumbled under our breaths.  We arrived in Bath and spent the evening walking around and did a tour of the Roman Baths which ticked both Rachel and my history nerve.  The next day we walked around the whole of Bath but had a bit or rain so cut it short, not before we visited a lovely garden Rachel had seen online and just had to see.  In these gardens was an old bridge with graffiti dating back to 1700’s – the bridge is known as a very popular place for proposals.  Due to the weather we were the only ones in the whole garden.  Next stop was the Cotswolds.

Last location for our road trip was a two night stay in the Cotswolds.  Frustratingly small roads full of range rovers made for an interesting arrival which required a few beers to settle the nerves.  Next day we went on a 20km walk through the walking tracks via small medieval village of Bibury.  I managed to twist my ankle at one stage, thanks Mom, which made for a very sore 6km walk back but once again was settled with a few beers at the local pub.  The walks were so lovely with rolling green hills, thick english forests, old stone fences, churches in every small town and sheep shit at every step.

Our road trip came to an end and we headed on our last day back to London via Oxford.  A night near Heathrow then off to Iceland! Next update will be from Iceland!


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