“Pardon me boy is that the Chattanooga choo-choo!”

Mobile, Alabama Cocktail

Mobile, Alabama Cocktail

B&B Mobile Alabama

B&B Mobile Alabama

We arrived into Mobile, Alabama just in time for halloween.  Our B&B is another old beautiful place with a very friendly host greeting us.  The weather has unfortunately turned on us and the big fat heavy rain has come in and boy did it rain. With only one night in Mobile we made a run for downtown to grab some food and a drink.  We found a place where Rachel could get 50 cent Oysters and i got myself some nice hot buffalo wings… mmmmm.  Quick walk around downtown and a bit more dinner then we headed home thinking we would miss most of the rain… we were wrong.  By the time we got back to b&b both Rach and I gave up on trying to stay wet as we were soaked through.  Oh well…

Forest gump meme

Heading off early and started our way to Selma, Alabama.  It was only a short drive, 2-3 hours, but it rained most of the way so little time to get out and have a look around.  We arrived in Selma early in afternoon.  Boy was this a ghost town, we understood that it was Sunday but nothing was open and it looked like it had been awhile since most things had been open.  Our decision was unanimous, we would drive the 3-4 more hours to Chattanooga, Tennessee and skip our accommodation in Selma. No photo’s sorry, too much rain.

So we had three nights in Chattanooga instead of two we had originally planned on.  First night we tried out Applebee’s … same as TGI’s, Chilli’s and every other place… i can’t seem to see what the differences are in these chains other than the signs… oh well food was good.
Day 1 Chattanooga…. I dragged Rach around the Chattanooga/Chickamauga Civil War battlefield.  The rain came back in but we got out where we could… was very interesting. – for both of us.

Chattanooga Battlefield

Chattanooga Battlefield

Gobble Gobble... they look tasty

Gobble Gobble… they look tasty

After the educational battlefield tour we headed off to Ruby Falls.  The decision read something along the lines of, a natural beauty, hidden deep inside the mountains outside Chattanooga is an underground waterfall.  Great, right up our alley….then we arrived….okay not what we thought – big signs and big visitors centre full of gift shops and all that crap.  We got on one of the tours and figured it would be better when we got underground…. elevator doors open… nope.  First thing to great us was a man wanting to take our photo for “safety” reasons but we could purchase the photo later in the gift shop!… rightio… next we walked with the tour guide through the semi natural tunnels.  Every natural formation was lit up by neon lights… it looked worse than my first car i decked out in neon lights.  Okay, so the waterfall wasn’t far and that would be nice and pretty even if lit with neons….. i did jokingly say to Rach that i bet the waterfall has dramatic music to go along with it…. We arrived at the waterfall and it was pitch black, we could hear the rushing water and then 3 seconds later the light show began, neons and all… aaand then the dramatic music, like something from a Rocky movie!  It’s sad, so much natural beauty and they felt the need to put a pink, blue, red, green lights on everything and then if the natural noise of the waterfall isn’t good enough lets throw in the dramatic fight music.  Oh well it was still pretty.


Best photo i could get right before neon's came on.

Best photo i could get right before neon’s came on.

Ruby Falls neon light show.

Ruby Falls neon light show.

I wont bore you with the rest of the touristy things we did in Chattanooga… however on our last day we went to whiskey distillery – which was highlight of our time here.  We saw how whiskey is made, very much like beer in first few stages, then got a tasting plater of whiskey… i needed a coke but was too scared to ask for it.  On walk home we found a handy number.. just in case…

1800 -

Sloppy Joes in Tenessee

Sloppy Joes in Tenessee

Whiskey Tasting, 1816 Chattanooga

Whiskey Tasting, 1816 Chattanooga

Rock City - squeezing inbetween rocks.. called fat mans pass.

Rock City – squeezing in-between rocks.. called fat man pass.

We are currently in Cherokee, North Carolina (smokey mountains).  I’ll throw this in my next blog update.




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