Stuffed Ferret and Olden times.

Two reasons for delay in posting this travel update (this includes lack of photo taking on my part):

1. We stayed in  a cabin in the woods that although having the nice addition of a stuffed ferret and guns mounted to the wall did not include a wifi hotspot.
2. I have been slack – i blame my eating and drinking habits.

Enough excuses on with the update!

So we left Chattanooga, Tennessee bound for Cherrokee, North Carolina- the drive was very pretty winding up through the Smoky Mountains.  We arrived at our destination, the cabin in the woods! It was very pretty location by a running stream, rocking chairs on the porch and some very interesting decoration choices.  As mentioned they decided on the stuffed rodent, gun slinging cabin look.

We did our quick explore of the local town, drove passed the huge Casino – decided against venturing in to waste our money.  Instead we headed to find some local walks through the smoky mountains.  We  decided on the 10km trek part of the Appalachian trail.  Very pretty walk, but a lot of uphill!  My fitbit had a heart attack … or that could have been me.

Rachel Appalachian  Trail

Rachel Appalachian Trail

Appalachian  Trail Hike

Appalachian Trail Hike

Few more relaxing days in Cherrokee then we headed off to Virginia – for Rachel a first and for me a long awaited return.  We stopped off in Asheville, North Carolina – the beer capital by the looks of it aka my idea of heaven.  Every corner had a different brewery!  Unfortunately as i was driving i could only have a few tasters but you can buy a 32 oz growler of your favourite beer to take away with you… i got a few.

Arriving in Chester, Virginia we started off with a drive by of the old house i lived in, the neighbourhood looked the same as I remember.  I didn’t recognise much outside of the neighbourhood. We got to Steph’s house and had a long overdue hug followed by a catchup beer.  Steph was nice enough over the next few days to show us around Chester, Richmond and even help tickle our history bone in Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg -- In the Stocks

Colonial Williamsburg — In the Stocks

Rach in Virginia.

Rach in Virginia.


We had a great time!  We managed to get through almost all the beers from Asheville and took a nice happy snap to compare to our last photo together… i don’t see much change…


Steph & Dan 15 yrs difference

Steph & Dan 15 yrs difference

The time unfortunately went way too quickly and after 3 days we said our thank you’s and goodbyes and headed off to drop the car at Richmond and catch the train the Washington D.C.

Thus ends our family USA road trip.

I’ll just leave this here:

Road Trip

Edwards Road Trip



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