TrackR Bravo Review

A Nerd’s Review of the Trackr Bravo

** Update Jan 2017: I have now had my TrackR for over a year and the battery finally has run out.  The true advantage of this tracker over others on the market is the ability to replace the battery as opposed to purchasing a whole new tracker.  The thought of throw away technology does not excite me as well as the low cost for a battery over a new tracker.
I have had no real issues with the TrackR Bravo over the past year.  It has come in handy finding my keys on several occasions, avoiding that hysterical running around “where did I leave them last?” activity.

The only real issue I’ve had, which is not the fault of TrackR, the crowd GPS has never really worked due to not many around my area owning a TrackR.

So would I recommend the TrackR Bravo now? Yes, it is still the best on market in my opinion due to it’s durability and battery replacement feature.

(Get a Free TrackR with any purchase by clicking this link)


After following their crowd funding campaign closely i finally received my much awaited Trackr Bravo in the mail today.  The following in a quick review of my unboxing and setup of the Trackr Bravo.

Firstly, what is the TrackR Bravo?

Well to take the words directly off their website, “TrackR is a small, coin-sized device that easily attaches to your valuable items.  With the TrackR app, locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your missing keys, using TrackR Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS.” Or more simply put in my words, the device attaches to something like, your keys, which enables you to track the location of your keys via your smart phone.  The device is not just for your keys and not just limited to distance indicator – the device can be attached to anything you want (even a cat/dog collar) and you can activate an alarm on it to enable audio finding of the device once you are near its location.

The TrackR Bravo can be purchased in Australia for around $55.00 (ebay) or cheaper directly from the TrackR website if buying more than one.  The TrackR website can be found at the following link:

TrackR Bravo Website

So why did I buy this over other devices?  

Well the big draw cards for me in making my decision to purchase the TrackR Bravo over other similar devices, such as the Tile, were:

  1. Replaceable Battery – TrackR says you will get 1 year out of battery included.
  2. Size and Build Quality – nice aluminum casing and small unobtrusive size
  3. The ability to reverse find – you can use the TrackR Bravo to find your phone

Now, lets see if the device meets my expectations.


We will start out with the packaging.  It’s not a huge device, even smaller than i thought, but packaged well and with all the important information displayed on the front as well as the reverse:

TrackR Bravo Packaging Front

TrackR Bravo Packaging Front

TrackR Bravo Packaging Rear

TrackR Bravo Packaging Rear

You will notice in the reverse side photo that it has a nice perforated window allowing easy ability to open the package and get access to the device without scissors.

What inside?

Inside you will find three things:

  1. A paper setup guide
  2. TrackR Bravo
  3. Small zip lock bag with an adhesive pad and keyring


I will make a comment, the Trackr Bravo is very light but feels fairly solid.

Setting up the TrackR Bravo.

The included setup guide looks pretty straight forward.  I’ll walk through each one of the steps and make my comments:

TrackR Bravo Setup Guide Front

TrackR Bravo Setup Guide Front

TrackR Bravo Setup Guide Reverse

TrackR Bravo Setup Guide Reverse

  1. Compatible Devices: very straight forward, if you have Iphone 4s or later or Android 4.4 or later – I’m using a Iphone 6
  2. Download TrackR app: Just typed in TrackR in app store and first one to come up was the right app.  App is 22.2 MB in size.

    TrackR App Store

    TrackR App Store

  3. Turn Bluetooth on: Yup done that – might make a note here, as these devices require Bluetooth it may drain your battery if leaving Bluetooth on.
  4. Location & Bluetooth: So i clicked on the TrackR App and of course you have to allow it access to location and Bluetooth.  Clicked OK on both of these.  You are then greeted by the intro to the app:
    TrackR App Install

    TrackR App Install

    TrackR App Introducation 1

    TrackR App Introduction 1

    TrackR App Introducation 2

    TrackR App Introduction 2

    TrackR App Introducation 3

    TrackR App Introduction 3

    TrackR App Introducation 4

    TrackR App Introduction 4

    5.  Register: It didn’t ask me to register after the introduction, it took me straight to selecting my new device.  I selected the TrackR Bravo at the top:

    TrackR App Selecting Device

    TrackR App Selecting Device

    6.  Add a New Device: I have a funny feeling that the app has been updated and the setup guide is not reflecting the updates.  No big deal the on screen prompts are straight forward enough.  From here i’ll stop following setup guide and just go on what is displayed in the app.  Next it is asking me to press the button the the TrackR to activate it and pair the devices.

    TrackR Bravo Pairing

    TrackR Bravo Pairing

    The button on the front of the TrackR Bravo is a little hard to get too so you may need your finger nail to push it.  Upon pushing it the device will make a noise and pair almost instantaneously with your phone.  The app moves onto the next screen where you select what you will be using the TrackR Bravo to track whilst in the mean time the Bravo will test its audio with a small alarm sounding.

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    TrackR App New Device Setup

    As I will be attaching this device to my keys I’ve selected keys.  A confirmation screen will appear and it then asks me to sign in or create an account, this takes us back to step 5 in the setup guide.

    TrackR Bravo - Successful Track Setup

    TrackR Bravo – Successful Track Setup

    TrackR Bravo - Account Sign up

    TrackR Bravo – Account Sign up

    Registering is very straight forward and takes only a few seconds.

I think at this stage it is complete, it now displays my keys being close by with an option to press a speaker button that enables the alarm on the TrackR Bravo until you press the button on the device to silence the alarm.  I won’t show you this image as it will also show you my home address!

The audio isn’t ear pearcing loud, however if your close enough in a quit room you should have no trouble hearing it and finding your device.

Then testing the reverse look up to track my phone, pressing the button on the device makes a single short ringtone on my phone.  I tested this even when my phone is muted as well as with ringer volume turned right down and can report that it will still sound phone alarm regardless of state of phone.


TrackR Bravo in Action!

TrackR Bravo in Action!


So there you have it, very straight forward setup, the device is now ready to go on my keys for the next time i’m looking under cushions wondering where i left them last!  I wonder how another one will go on my cat.

My only gripe about the TrackR Bravo is for the price, $40-55 AUD via Ebay or $29.99 USD via their website,  they are an expensive solution to finding your misplaced/missing items.  However if you buy in bulk off their website it significantly brings the price down to around $21 AUD a device.   Which i think at $21 AUD to find those missing keys or track your previous animal is well worth the money and with only having to replace the battery once a year the ongoing costs are very low.

I am very happy with my purchase and will give it a good test run over the next few weeks.  The app has a nice little feature where it tracks how many times you have used the device over a weekly usage..i’ll report back in on this later.

I hope you have found this unboxing and setup review useful and if you wish to buy one of these TrackR or any of the other TrackR product please click the following link and with your order they will give you a FREE TrackR on any purchase.

(Free TrackR with any purchase)


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  1. This company is a bunch of crooks! Bought my Trackrs from their crowdfunding site and it took me 2 years of emails, calls, etc. to get them to deliver. They told me they lost all their earliest backer’s emails and were trying to fulfill them eventually, but apparently they were first trying to sell more and ship to the new customers first, as evidenced by the incessant attempts to market new sales to me via MY EMAIL that they supposedly lost. Now that they’re here, I have to deal with the fact that they are a complete waste of all my time and money spent, since they are so bad at doing what they are supposed to. Considering a class-action lawsuit as there are so many with my same story. Would love to get back the money they basically stole/hijacked for so long from so many! Fair warning, don’t waste your money!


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